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the space craft. he was followed about five minutes later by mike collins and finally buzz aldrin, the man sitting in the middle seat during liftoff, was the third astronaut to come aboard. the weather is certainly go. it's a beautiful morning for a launch to the moon. we expect a temperature about 85 degrees in the kennedy space center area. >> we are still go on apollo 11 at this time. >> t minus 25 seconds. 20 seconds and counting. t-minus 15 seconds. guidance is internal. 12. 11. 10. 9. ignition sequence starts. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. zero. all engine running. liftoff. we have liftoff, 32 minutes past the hour, liftoff on apollo 11. tower cleared. ♪ >> the eagle has landed. >> you got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. we're breathing again. thanks a lot. >> we'll step off the l.e.m. now. that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> apollo 11, armstrong, aldrin and collins. they and millions of others reached out and in their own way, touched another planet. the images remind us that it happened, but not how it really was in the context of the times. george lowe, one of
derailed their lives. >> eric collins: depression, anxiety, anger, worthlessness, guilt. >> pelley: guilt? >> collins: survivor's guilt. "why me? why am i alive? why are they not?" that's one of the hardest thoughts to deal with, you know? >> pelley: eric collins was wounded in a rocket attack in afghanistan. over a year, 17 of his buddies died. how did you cope with these feelings of anger and depression and guilt when you first got out? >> collins: alcohol, and lots of it. that's where it started off. and the alcohol led to my depression worsening, which led to more substance abuse. crack cocaine is my drug of choice. so my whole life spiraled downward out of control. >> pelley: to take control, collins volunteered for one of the new therapies called prolonged exposure. it forces him to work at remembering every detail of what he's tried to forget. >> collins: next thing, i hear a loud boom, my ears start ringing. and i wake up, open my eyes and i'm on the ground. >> pelley: dr. kevin reeder runs the program. >> dr. kevin reeder: how are you feeling at this point? what were you... what
open. touchdown. travin dural. how about that. beat jarrett collins, number 29, and a prayerful zach mettenberger happy to see the freshman get the job done in the air. can you say 99 yards with a freshman at quarterback? >> aaron: it was the freshman's arm, tim, that was the difference. >> tim: his first touchdown pass, dural has been on the receiving end before. had a big one against alabama, you might recall, in that game. the extra point by delahoussaye gives l.s.u. a 31-27 lead. a couple of time outs remaining. it looks as though we have a late flag on the extra point. we touched on it. a proud program. you simply are not supposed to lose more than three games when you play at l.s.u. if you're a fifth-year senior at l.s.u., you're part of 51 wins and an s.e.c. title, a 13-0 regular season. if you're a four-year senior, 42 wins, and all of the other stats i just mentioned. we tichd on who would that other guy be if not odell beckham jr.? >> referee: after the play was over, unsportsmanlike conduct. defense. after the play was over. unsportsmanlike conduct, number 85 on the offens
the floor. ms. collins: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from maine. ms. collins: i see that the senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts is on the floor. i would inquire through the chair how long she is seeking to speak. we are about to proceed to the consideration of the amendment that has been filed by senator portman and cosponsored by senator ayotte, senator heller and senator mccain. and this is a rather complicated parliamentary situation. and then there's going to be a debate. if the senator from massachusetts is going to speak very briefly, i would withhold. if she's going to speak at length, then since we have members on their way, i would proceed. if we could inquire through the chair. mrs. warren: i would tell the senior senator from maine, my plan had been to speak for less than 10 minutes, but if that's not -- if that doesn't work, i certainly will yield to the senator from maine and do what she requests -- or whatever she needs here. ms. collins: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from maine. ms. collins: i would ask unanimous conse
right. out of the tackle. landon collins strings him out then help arrives in the form of c.j. mosley. >> gary: and everybody else with a red jersey, wonderfully defends that time. strung out, that's how you do it. take it out, hubbard bounds out, collins is there. mosley finishes it off. >> verne: loss of three, second down 13. did i say the rain had stopped? second and 13. jarrick williams on the corner. mettenberger goes deep. london collins who returned one 89 yards against tennessee two weeks ago. >> gary: he had dickson wide open. alabama busted up the middle not sure why zach didn't see him. >> verne: third down and 13. >> gary: looks like he made up his mind. he had three interceptions throwing the ball to beckham against ole~miss. i think he made up his mind on that play. [ crowd noise ] >> verne: mettenberger. fourth down. >> gary: this time they came all out. c.j. mosley, he collected the blocker then backed up in the throwing lane. beautiful job. that's what the linebacker does. he collects the block, allows safety to come inside of him and backs up in the throwing lane. >
collins and talking with the mainland officials in geneva. i'm trying to persuade them to cut the atomic extent a tease extended fashion show by day in hopes of a deal russian prime minister a certain number of those over eighteen can eat that. us officials say faculty of state john kerry is on display. this offensive saying one second lead him to join them. she has turned to me what steps did i mention taking the first stage of the deal one key issue is whether technology runs right into each ukrainian. i'm not always but it is among the indians called the construction of the heavier more tender yet that they could ease to use that as the teacher extract weapons grade plutonium caught a picture taken at it we don't much of our work already. made progress on about ninety percent of the issue. they're only one or two important matters that remain. therefore we need to continue negotiate. she tells have spent four days to get back. and then save the presence of non profit entity and he suggests that oaks and beats that make or break stage. the land like a therapy team for more help for som
couple of days that democratic senator mary landrieu and republican senator susan collins have signed on as cosponsors as well. the m.l.p. parity act allows us to really have an all-of-the-above energy that strategy. as i've heard as i presided in my first two years, as i served on the energy committee, there are many senators here, republican and democrat, who think we shouldn't be picking winners and losers in technology and we should be promoting an all-of-the-above energy strategy, and this bill makes that possible in clean energy financing and in preserving a widely used tool for existing traditional energy financing. oil and gas will play a significant role in our nation's energy picture for the foreseeable future, but right now we don't have a level playing field between renewables and between oil and gas and pipelines. for nearly 30 years, traditional nonrenewable sources of energy have had access to master limited partnerships. m.l.p.'s give natural gas, oil and coal companies access to private capital at a lower cost. that's something that capital intensive projects, like pi
collins, but suggesting this hearing today on the need for safe and reliable transportation options for seniors. it's obviously a crucial topic to seniors in order to be able to get around and enhance their quality of life. the lack of dependable transportation clearly affects a senior's quality of their lives. if they don't have it, they can't go to the grocery store smghts they can't get to the doctor's apaintment. they cannot connect with their friends. get to the doctor's appointment. they cannot connect with their friends. having access to transportation helps many older americans remain independent and self-sufficient. two very important things. and it's also a cost issue. with transportation representing 20% of consumer spending, second only to housing, obviously that's a big chunk out of a senior's income. florida has a few examples that we can learn from. miami-dade county helps defray the cost of transportation for seniors through the golden passport program. and it allows residents of that south florida county who are 65 years or older to ride on all the transit system bu
to hearing from my senior republican colleague, senator collins. ms. collins: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from maine. ms. collins: thank you, mr. president. first, i want to commend the senior senator from maryland, the dean of the women senators, for organizing this debate today on an issue that concerns each of us, and that is the growing prices of sexual assault in the military. mr. president, i first raised my concern over the military's inadequate response to the growing crisis of sexual assault nearly ten years ago. i remember it well. it was a hearing before the senate armed services committee in 2004 at which i expressed my growing alarm about the number of sexual assaults in the military and the inadequate response by the leaders of the military to provide adequate care for the survivors and to ensure appropriate punishment for the perpetrators of these reprehensible crimes. in an exchange that i had with general george casey, i stated the military needs to be much more responsive to reports of sexual assault, particularly in the field, and to separate these
it's in new york on 9/ 9/11, colline, texas, four years ago, or whether it is on the battlefield in afghanistan. it shouldn't make any difference. when they lose their life as part of the effort to protect innocent life in the war on terrorism. if they're killed by a terrorist committing violence on behalf of foreign jihadists, then they are casualties of the broader war on terrorism, and they deserve to be treated as such. earlier this year i introduced legislation that would make the fort hood victims eligible for all of the honors and benefits available to their fellow u.s. service members serving overseas in combat zones. my cosponsors in the house are representatives carter and williams, and they have numerous cosponsors in the house, and today i'm offering a modified version of that legislation as an amendment to the defense authorization bill. by enacting this amendment, congress would honor the memories of those whot their lives at fort hood, and it would help their surviving family members, all of whom, as u can imagine, have experienced tremendous pain and hardship as a
you. >> any questions. seeing none. thank you very much. next person is mr. collin >> supervisor cowen and breed and yee pr thank you for your time. and thank you for correcting my name are i find it very difficult for english speaking people to say the name correctly. and i appreciate the correction. i am seeing reappointment to board 2. i've been with the board a number of years and feel that my capabilities are serving the city well on that board. for a number of years i had a small real estate company with a dozen people and we covered the entire city of san francisco commercial residential and industrial portfolios. in addition to that i am a certified appraiser i find my past experience with the board i believe serves the city well, in that i oftentimes complex issues and the owners of those properties who have grievance at times almost need to be educated on the spot. when they seek redress and i believe that my experience as enabled me to carry the analysis further. are there any questions >> no questions i'm sorry your currently on the board. >> i am. >> how long. >>
was vanth because of the death of jazz i didn't collins as note by supervisor breed. the current make up is 11 men and 3 women and i personally would like to see inasmuch as mr. feldman you're very qualified it's a personal entire on my part to see this committee to be as balanced as possible. so by - for me ms. pierson was the most qualified to really - there's nobody going to replace the shoes but you're the most qualified in my mind to at least make an attempt to do this. that's where my views are >> i definitely was expressed with the qualifications of ms. pierson and mr. feldman which evenly because of the different reasons i think that they both bring something to the table that's missing with their advocacy and also their overall experience in various field. i think one of the things i'd like to explore is this attention record of the counter member and looking at the possibility of making sure that the people who are on the committee they're there and committed and showing up for meetings so we can make room for those who want to serve. i want to move forward and make a motion t
on a four-down situation here, cris. third down and seven. >> cris: jamie collins against jacob tamme. that may be the matchup you want. >> al: manning, pass incomplete but a flag is thrown. you had jacob tamme and ninkovich contact there. here's the call. >> cris: cut right across the face of rob ninkovich and he just hooked him. >> al: pass interference, defense number 50. spot of the foul, automatic first down. >> cris: a good call. watch ninkovich just reach out and grab him. that's a good call. those patriots fans are saying where was that one last week. >> al: denver with two first downs by penalty on this drive. first and ten from the 11. a fade, and it is caught by thomas in the end zone for the touchdown! so thomas and talib all night long, and talib has had the better of him for three and a half quarters. but all of a sudden demaryius thomas has been the major factor. >> cris: well, demaryius thomas just too strong. aqib talib, one of the bigger, stronger cornerbacks in the nfl. most guys can't handle the kind of pressure he can physically put on guys. but demaryius thomas j
and in the senate who are prepared to speak up. maine, collins in olympia snowe who's leaving, she take it anymore. illinois, i think she waivers. it's just very difficult for office holders and office ans running for right now because there's a powerful interest movement on the right. nd that consists from the bottom up from the texas that were itizens keeping up. eagle eye on every single thing they do. hat's perfectly good as a democratic proposition. are good citizens citizens. and then there are big money eople prepared to send in checks, fun ad campaigns and challenges to anybody who knows the slightest inclination to eal with reality or to compromise. that's on't think forever. nothing in american politics is forever. and there are lots of republicans who don't agree with these things. there are a lot of people in office that don't agree with these things. but they're afraid to speak up the hey're the last of republican-identified voters who on't agree with these things, who think more like a middle of the road, americans in general about these issues. the health care arena too. but right n
las toque. >> ¿cÓmo sabe que paso en el patio? (sonido ambiente). >> collins, tu no estabas con ellos, todo el mundo lo sabe. >> ¿crees que eso importe? mm, saldrÉ de aquÍ antes que tÚ, porter, no habrÁ una prisiÓn en el estado que me contrate. ¿y quÉ hare luego? ¿mm? (sonido ambiente). >> usted, ¿no sabÍa nada? >> como dice mi informe, yo estaba en la enfermerÍa. >> escuche, no entiendo por quÉ tiene que involucrarse el fbi antes de que terminen mis elementos. >> despuÉs de que lo vi, ya no hay duda. >> que quede muy claro, will porter es un testigo federal y lo quiero bajo protecciÓn hasta su liberaciÓn. >> candrows, ¿cÓmo sabÍas que iba a pasar todo esto? >> lo siento, no tiene permitido decÍrselo, es parte de la investigaciÓn. >> lo que me sorprende, frank, es que tÚ no lo supieras. (sonido ambiente). >> will recibirÁ protecciÓn especial, nada le pasarÁ ahÍ dentro, tambiÉn pedire que se le exonere a cambio de su testimonio. >> ¿eso que implica? >> que saldrÁ en cuanto cumpla su condena original. en menos de 3 meses, ¿no? (llanto). >> no puedo creerlo
like oregon, senator merkley and the presiding officer from ohio, senator collins who is still on the floor, all your states have wonderful national parks and it turns out the top destination, top tourist destination for people who come to the united states from other countries is our national parks. and we don't have one in delaware. we want one. but in the meantime our state parks have filled the gap and we have some state parks we're real proud of. one of the guys who has worked very hard to make them something we can be proud of is chazz hawkins. he has passion with the parks and recreation team that have included hundreds of people over the age of 35 -- that have included hundreds of people over the past 35 years. we in the state of delaware are grateful for everything he has done to protect and preserve our state's beauty and history. on behalf of senator chris coons, my colleague here in the senate, on behalf of john carney, our lone congressman over in the house, and whee wholeheartedly think thank chazz pour his service to the state of delaware. he's improved the qieft
possible. but there is not an easy answer for this. >> our community has a lot of responses lisa. collin says i feel like san francisco is experiencing the last 12 years of lives in new york com compressed in two year. it's the same stuff, but more accelerated. the same story in new york city and new jersey it won't changes because real estate developers own too many politicians. >> and a al says where do people go? it changes oakland and concord, it's not just san francisco it's changing the bay area. >> hey greg give us your thoughts on that before we go to break. >> i disagree with people that say this didn't happy accident. this didn't happy accident. you can look at the history of san francisco going auld the wade back to the 1 1916 earthquake. the plan was to transform san francisco to an elite city. under th unfortunately the work being clasworking classdon't belong i. the reasonable that san francisco has this flavour it has because of the blood and sweat and tears of working class people that are under represented that have built this city and have embraced diversity and culture
, they hit antoine bold end with several leads out and we go to the third, collin kaepernick with 6 yards and 9ers go on to win with a final 27-6. >> nice record. >>> 4:40 is the time, all facings of a coverup in the san francisco fire department, what may lead to the suspension of a firefighter and we will have a report on some. most dangerous toys for your kids. >>> i will show you how highway 4 is doing in and being jobbing -- antioch when we come back. >>> most of california be a across the country it is a huge deal plus for casted highs and what you can see now. . >>> welcome back, well a major winter like storm is threatening millions of travelers this thanksgiving on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. here is more from virginia and how it is already impacting passengers. good morning. >> reporter: officials here form outside the airport, they are already pretreating runways in preparation for that massive storm and this area is expected to get heavy rain and as of now there are no travel cans lakes but this storm is on the move. if you are traveling this morning you will
jovencita hispana en texas que le dejaron de funcionar ambos riÑones. marÍa antonieta collins nos habla de la agÓnica espera de daniela. >>> mientras trabaja la mayorÍa del tiempo riendo pocos podrÍan imaginar lo que javier vive por esta joven a primera vista, llena de vida. >>> estamos pasando un momento difÍcil con mi hermana. >>> esperando un riÑÓn, y nunca llega ha sido muy difÍcil. >>> el calvario de daniela, que tiene 20 aÑos de edad comenzÓ hace 10, cuando le diag nofc rn con lupus enfermedad del sistema inmunolÓgico y empeorÓ hace 3 con otra grave noticia. >>> me dijeron que mis riÑones no funcionaban como tengo lupus, atacaron missouri Ñons ri jones y >>> hay un siento 20 mil y 130 mil personas en general. de los cuales estÁn activos. la mayorÍa de ellos. >>> la joven es una pa cientos activa. es decir que puede recibir un trasplante en cualquier momento. >>> sabemos que cada 11 minutos una persona se agrega en la lista de espera y desgraciadamente sabemos tambiÉn, que cada dÍa, 18 personas mueren esperando un Órgano de cualquier ti
to the line. totally agree on a four-down situation here, cris. third down and seven. >> cris: jamie collins against jacob tamme. that may be the matchup you want. >> al: manning, pass incomplete but a flag is thrown. you had jacob tamme and ninkovich contact there. here's the call. >> cris: cut right across the face of rob ninkovich and he just hooked him. >> al: pass interference, defense number 50. spot of the foul, automatic first down. >> cris: a good call. watch ninkovich just reach out and grab him. that's a good call. those patriots fans are saying where was that one last week. >> al: denver with two first downs by penalty on this drive. first and ten from the 11. a fade, and it is caught by thomas in the end zone for the touchdown! so thomas and talib all night long, and talib has had the better of him for the and a half quarters. but all of a sudden demaryius thomas has been the major factor. >> cris: well, demaryius thomas just too strong. aqib talib, one of the bigger, stronger cornerbacks in the nfl. most guys can't handle the kind of pressure he can physically put on guys. but
to do so soon. >> dr. francis collins, thank you so much. [applause] >> now, hillary clinton and laura bush on the future of afghan women. they spoke at georgetown university on friday for a half hour. >> well, it is my pleasure as well to be able to welcome secretary clinton and mrs. bush back to georgetown and hear from this conversation this morning. no one can question the commitment of either of you to this issue. i remember firsthand secretary clinton, when you were first lady, at the end of the '90s calling the world's attention to the abuses of the taliban were perpetrating, and how critical the afghan women were. and i remember so well, mrs. bush, when the military engagement was called by your husband after 9/11 in afghanistan. and you took the president's radio address and told the world that the role of the afghan women would be important for building the future of their country and so you've heard a lot this morning. we're at a crossroads. the women have made enormous progress. they are very worried that the progress may be reversed. they are importing events i had. the el
program; the recent wave of violence in iraq; senator susan collins on the future of the republican party and abraham lincoln's foreign policy. >> ifill: newly published information leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden is reinforcing the notion that u.s. spying spreads wide and goes deep. the latest bombshell, partly denied by the obama administration, appears in the "washington post." it says u.s. intelligence agencies have gained access to hundreds of millions of google and yahoo user accounts by secretly tapping into company data centers. late today, six top tech companies-- yahoo, google, aol, apple, microsoft and facebook-- sent a letter to congress, calling for enhanced privacy protections. barton gellman broke the story for "the washington post." welcome, bart gellman, how are you? welcome to the newshour. what is the difference between what you're reporting that happened and what the white house and the administration is pushing back at and saying didn't happen? >> well, there have been several versions of it but so far they have not denied any of the facts stated in the
also read books he brought from a friend of his named john collins. he sat up reading all night long. he and his friend john like to trade books end-stage debates as if they were university men that would pretend they were her of his students. the only debate he remembered well enough to write about in his autobiography was with his friend john collins over educating the female sex and learning them about their abilities. the girls are unequal to it. franklin disagree. he took a contrary side. maybe you're thinking of jane. craftiness argument, frank coming dynabook invite the so-called essays on project. the establishment of an academy for an inviting i've often thought of it as one of the customs of the wrote considering the civilized and christian country that we deny the advantages of learning women. regretting the frivolousness of education. they stitch and sewer make bottles and are taught to read and write their names and that is the height of a woman's education. if though proposed an academy for women that would hold back no sort of learning to such genius of the event to it
like collin kaeper nick. >> a couple minutes ago we showed you a picture of the member of the team? who is it? that is ama daetz. >> cute >> finally here, a survey of 10,000 users to find ten most frightening films. >> this scene picked as number one. >> oh, yeah. >> that is a classic, from "the shining" again, two was "nightmare on elm street". they hook up use yirs to heart monitors and rated scenes based on jump in heartbeat. >> that is our report. thanks for joining us. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight the halloween nightmare playing out across a big part of this country. the flash floods, the dramatic rescues by raft, by helicopter, families hoisted to safety. abc's extreme weather team on the case tonight. >>> the breaking news late today, the justice department suddenly stepping in. the mysterious case of a teenager found dead in a high school gym. tonight you'll see the school surveillance tape. >>> ready for takeoff, the big change for anyone getting on a plane tonight. for some airlines it starts tonight. the fliers sending us their videos. >>> trick or treat. what happens
is lean collins. i'm a disability person and property -- person too. i'm not in a wheelchair. five years ago i had affordable house, about the disability i had and we are supposed to work this stuff out and help somebody. every time your paper comes out, it seems like there is more than i can afford. i have to work until my daughter finishes college before i can afford a house. you all have meetings and sit down with people. this is not nothing new. this lady should be able to keep her place and be able to own her own place under her disability. >> hey, brian bays ger. i'm here as a disabled person who was able to purchase my home on disability as well. i also spent time in a wheelchair as my partner and i was able to buy mine because i got hit by a car too. i have permanent brain damage. however as much as i relate to you, i want to be very careful about this slippery slope. when i bought my condominium, i paid my special assessments, i was glad to do that and paid for school district fees even though i don't have children and never will because i support the goals of this society. when
the texans this week sunday night football right here on nbc bay area? chris collins worth says it's make or break time for jj watts' team. >> this is going to be a very emotional game. the defense, jj watt, the guys, whitney. they're fired up. they know their season is on the line. if they lose the colts here, they're done. if they beat to the colts and keep it going, they still have a shot. >> all right. looking forward to that game. before we get out of here, third round of the swap championship take aing place in san francisco. kenny perry your current swap leader with the points. drains the birdie 13. tied for 7th under par. your leader fred couples, knocks in the birdie on 14. couples takes the five shot lead into sunday's final round. that will do it for now. just for the record, terry and diane, we have a dog wagging its tail. i need to interpret that that means. can you explain that again? i love that. >> absolutely cannot explain it again. we still don't totally understand it. >> we're researching it best we can now. >> thanks very much. henry, that dog does hunt. >>> thanks for
done and that this person is reliable >> yes. mr. collin is reliable. we've not had any problems as far as not appearing awhile he's scheduled. he's ggd at lettuce know he's made himself available as needed when we can at last minute notice to cover for other members >> i only ask because i was concerned the fact he doesn't remember how long he's been on the committee. those are really on paper he looks great presentation wise he looks great but that was an alarm for me only because i know the details of with the board. so i want to make sure we have the kind of recommendations from the staff of those who either served on the committee or have a deserve to serve on the committee and are able to understand and make good decisions >> yes. he worked well, with the other board members. as i've mentioned there's no attendance issue. he's great with the documents we need on a timely basis >> and mr. chair before you make our other recommendations i do think we should move to reappoint the two members that were here today to they're specific seats. >> i'll do that. >> i'll let you
house will step in, but on the other hand hollered peterson -- collin the white house gets too deeply involved, whatever help -- they were for, the house would be against
how much the white house will step in, but on the other hand hollered peterson -- collin peterson says if the white house gets too deeply involved, whatever help -- they were for, the house would be against. >> he is working behind the scenes, and helping them out olicy wise -- policy-wise. what does the house want to do ultimately, because they separated the farm bill from the food stamp bill, and tackle them separately. >> we do not know what the house is going to do, because we have a very factionalized house of representatives. they say keep the food stamps and the farm bill separate raid -- separate. a lot of the institutions on capitol hill see themselves as them again the world. --against the world. the congresswoman is trying to be a good soldier, and the democrats are trying to get a bill through, but they know that the snap program is very important. if they had for different -- figured out how to bridge these gaps, we would have rogress. >> the house and senate conferees are trying to negotiate some sort of deal on
to the north. >> well, in sports, collin talks about his one-time roommate, panthers quarterback cam newton. and the warriors try to win in san antonio for the first time in 28 years. gary has highlights of all the sports next. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> all right. good evening, everybody. we have to start with a correction. what happened? >> in the tease i said 28 years. i meant games on the warriors. >> i know the phones started ringing like crazy. my tumblr account was going crazy. >> thank you for allowing me the time to correct it. >> next time can you correct it on your own time. do it during jackie's segment. >>> warriors have lost 28 straight in san antonio. tonight didn't look good. neither team had much going. parker had 18 points. san antonio led at the half
compartieron, sabiendo que aÚn les falta camino.. en texas, marÍa antonieta collins, univisiÓn. >> estuvo pedaleando por la justicia tambiÉn. regresamos en instantes. [♪ mÚsica ♪] >> despedimos el noticiero esta noche con el Último adiÓs a un colega de univisiÓn, a quien una enfermedad le quitÓ la vida. >> bernie, como le llamaban sus amigos y compaÑeros fue director de cÁmara 27 de los 50 aÑos que viviÓ. >> colaborÓ con varios programas. >> naciÓ en cuba pero se crió y educo en espaÑa. conservaba ese acento gallego y su amor por el real madrid. le sobreviven dos hijos a quienes les enviamos nuestro mÁs sentido pÉsame en nombre de todo el equipo de noticias univisiÓn. un compaÑero nuestro, parte del equipo tambiÉn. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. >>> qué tal y muy buenos días y qué gusto que nos acompañen y qué frío! >>> no habráhabitante tanto frío como mañana, pero estamos contentos con estos días de temperaturas medias y prepárese porque no se vbaya a perder los detalles de las estampas de comida., aquí tenemos alternativas y además analizamos
. >> rose collins is hammond's mother. she traveled all the way from austin, texas to see her son. >> i really, it was like being stabbed even though i knew it was coming. >> the 28-year-old computer hacker is accused of are a 2011 cyberattack. hammond admitted to associating with fellow members of the online collective anonymous and hack or defacing several websites. he stole financial data, e-mails and account information for up to 860,000 clients, he also compromised the credit card numbers of 60,000 clients leading to over $ $750,000 of frawjfrajlent charges. >> why do you call what he did civil disobedience? >> why do i call it civil disobedience? because he disrupted business as usual for a corporate entity. out of a deeply held political belief. i think that the challenge here is that the modes of -- and strategies of civil disobedience change over time. but i think our definition has to expand, and particularly, as technology evolves, digital dissent is a new important piece of the new civil disobedience. >> why did m jeremy do the hack? >> he felt he needed to do action for wha
. the league's worst passing offense did nothing to improve their standing today. how the panthers held collin kaepernick and the niners offense to 45 total >> billed as the battle of freakishly athletic quarterback, the defenses took center stage today. niners and panthers. jim harbaugh can still throw a pretty ball. that would have been the longest pass of the game for the niners, on the day they get manningham back. vernon davis going down with a concussion, panthers recover the fumble. late second quarter, carolina get on the board. williams, 27 yards, 9-7. fourth quarter, missed from 48 and a third. split the uprights from 53. panthers lead 10-9. then carolina trying to ice it. the panthers would recover. niners get one last shot. second and long. 5 seconds to go. kap picked. 10-9 the final, niners, 151 total yards. the five-game win streak is over. >> sinking feeling right now. didn't get the job done as a team. and that -- we'll bounce back, come storming back. >> famous alec baldwin line, coffee is for closerrers. no coffee for the raiders. they couldn't close the deal. great start. op
. >>> up next, is it collin kaeperniccapperolin kaepernick's fault? >>> the lovely, talented kelly clarkson is here. lyle loveett. wh our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first we goword.ubaru. (little gi) no! saw her first day of school. made a best frnd forever. the back seat of my subaru where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. irl) what? (announcer) motor end's two thousand fourtee sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru >>> a loof questions for the 49ers. do ave any answers he? >> reay head sctcher. colin kpernick has his worst ting as a starter. jim harbaugh refusing to place e blame solely o cap. >> offensily we dn't play well enough toñrin the game. it's not going to go through guy sacked position by positn raking anybody over the coals. offensively not getng into a rhythm therend moving the ll. we didn't py well enough. camep short. done on the fid.n't get it play maker hosts the celebritye dinner amorton's steak house. that'sool. get me basketball. u at stanford. still basng in the glow of that win. stanfo
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